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When purchasing a materials tester or a force measurement machine, you need the right set of grips that will match your exact testing needs. In some cases, a standard grip is sufficient for your testing, but in other cases you might need a custom set of grips that fit the size, shape and material you need to test. The price of standard grips and custom grips varies a lot.

After deciding which grips suit your material best, you need to consider the type of test you would like to be able to perform. You can perform different types of tests on a materials tester and most of our machines have a built-in data analysis software offering you access to a library containing a number of pre-defined test set-ups for test methods that meet the international standards within tensile testing, compression testing and other common test types. If you need to perform custom tests then you would need the optional NEXYGENPlus software which would be an additional cost to your materials testing solution.

Whether you are working in a quality control, R&D, production, laboratory or educational environment performing standard tests on everyday materials, or you need advice on a unique application or complex multi-stage testing, our Applications Team will provide you with all the support you need.

We can ensure your testing fully complies with the requirements of ASTM, ISO, DIN, BS, EN or other international standards. We are also familiar with testing to industry standards such as FINAT and to working with your own specialist company standards. If your organisation needs procedures in place for strict security and auditing in order to maintain traceability, then the security and audit trail module with our NEXYGENPlus software will help you meet these requirements.

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Materials Testing

Counting Scales, Force Measurement
Johnson Scales, Counting Scales, Portable Scales
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